How to hint at romance between characters

Hi lovelies

So I have reached that place in my novel where I am slowly hinting at romance between certain characters. Nothing strong yet as I want to build the angst up as much as possible 🙂

I did a bit of research and found some really fun ways you can do this without cracking your brain too much. Some are more subtle than others while some are extremely out there. It all depends on the personality of the characters and the way you want to take the story.

1. Glancing at each other then turning away when they notice — this one happens so much in books and in movies that it’s a main one. It is one of the most obvious ones especially when the characters are YA but this can also happen in contemporary romance. It is very evident in my WIP as the characters are on opposing trains so all they can really do is look at each other.

2. Mirroring their actions — this one is a really cute one, especially when the characters don’t know it’s happening but the reader does. For instance, if he is twiddling his thumbs and she’s doing the same thing as well without realising it.

3. Finding subtle ways to touch — this one is a given for me and I always look for it in books whenever I am reading. For instance if they are sitting on a table and they reach for something. I know, I know, I’m a huge romantic and a sucker for sweet little things. To me, the subtle hints are the best more than the more obvious ones.

4. Disagreeing with every thing they say — I LOVE banter, who doesn’t? It also doesn’t necessarily have to be an ‘enemies to lover’ scenario for you to have some disagreement. Some open disagreement between the characters would be preferred. I love it when they argue over little things, not like a heated argument but a nice argument filled with smiles *haha*

5. Asks deeper questions to them and listens deeply — this one is really important and cute especially when they don’t really care about that thing they are talking. In my WIP, the characters are not in the same place so all they can do is rely on their conversations. It’s so sweet when they just stay and listen to the other person no matter what they are talking about.

6. Characters leaning towards the person they like during their actions — this one can obviously only happen when they’re in groups. This one is a key one as it’s an obvious one that they like each other. Then this can lead to them engaging in a conversation while forgetting the rest of their group 🙂