Cosy Sundays In

Cosy Sundays In

I love love love love the weekend. More than anything. I’m always looking forward to Friday nights to roll into Saturday.

And Saturday rolling into Sunday has me bliss.

One thing I love about the weekend is how relaxing and cosy Sundays can be. I attend Church online. Light a candle. Do some yoga. Stay in a robe all day 😂 and just be. I pick up a light romance book (hopefully rom com that’ll have me laughing my ass off) and just relax.

I scroll through Netflix to find something soothing or intriguing to watch. We’re slowly entering the Christmas season, so maybe a cheesy Christmas movie (but I won’t lie, I’m not there yet). So today, I watched Miss Bala. It was nice. Interesting, I’ll give it that.

Another thing I love to do is make time for my novel (I write fiction books 😅). I’m currently taking part in NaNoWrimo 2020 so it’s easy to keep track of my word count. I plan writing sprints with other writer friends of mine and we just pump out words in an hour of no distractions.

So yeah, that’s my Sunday in a nutshell. I love relaxing just before the manic of Monday hits 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌

Alright, I have to go now. My uni coursework is calling my name and it’s not going to write itself. (I wish it would).

See ya lovelies xx


Simple Self-Care Practices to Add to your Daily Routine

Hey lovelies,

Recently, with the move to home working/schooling I have had to add certain things to my daily routine to check on myself.

It’s essential to look after yourself, especially if you’re sitting at a desk and staring at a screen for a whole day 🙂

  • 5-10 minute Yoga sessions

Okay — probably my most useful tip. Not only for getting your body moving but for exercise (WHICH YOU NEED!)

I do a few minutes of yoga and from searching on Youtube, I have the ones that are perfect for me.

I usually search up — morning stretch, night stretch, yoga for back, yoga for home working and so on.

  • Walks

This one is one of the most important, especially if you are sitting for the whole day. This would get you away from the screen and get you some fresh air (which is needed).

Now, even if you’re not a fan of walks, you can take a short one. I don’t like walks too much so I spend the first ten to fifteen minutes a day in the garden. Some fresh air and I spend some time with my thoughts. I plan my day and I usually feel great after.

Even if you don’t have access to a garden, just a few minutes of fresh air would be needed.

  • Skincare / Beauty Spa Time

I think this one is especially useful with the new normal — especially if you’re at home. I’m not the

I do this at least twice daily. Doesn’t have to be anything too special.

Things like:

Paint nails

Put on a mask

Do some makeup

Do some skincare

Light some candles

Take a hot bath

Have a shower

Dance around in a robe — yes I count this as beauty as well. I do this when doing my skincare routine.

Honestly, it’s just about having fun and relaxing. Sometimes I combine a lot of them together. Sit in my robe (that my friend’s gifted me), paint my nails, play music and light some candles. PERFECTION.

  • Watch an episode

So, I’m a series junkie!! I am always bingeing something — from Friends to Men’s Club to Power and don’t even get me started on K-dramas ❤

I’m always watching something. I’ll put together a must-see series list soon….. no worries.

But this is one of the best ways to relax and de-stress. Episodes usually run from 20 mins to an hour. So watching an episode as a break from working. It’s a good breather in between lectures or maybe on your lunch break. ALSO, pro tip — don’t take breaks in the same place as your work space. Even just moving to the bed from your desk is a plus.

  • AND OBVS ….. read a book ❤

Am I a little obvious that this is my favourite way to de-stress and relax? Oh well, I won’t deny what works.

This is one of the reasons I purchase or borrow hardcopy books. Sometimes, I just need to sit down in a corner and disconnect from the world. I know I can’t really limit myself to a time when reading *haha* but it’s a good de-stresser. Enter a different world and worry about their own problems….