Episode Two – The Thrill

Episode Two – The Thrill

Danny jolts up from her bed and looks at the clock on the wall. It reads 4:30am and seeing that, she rises from bed and heads straight into the shower. As the hot water pours down on her body, images from that day flash in her mind.

She blocks them out and grabs a towel. She wraps it round her body and heads back into her room. She gets dressed in a black latex outfit from head to toe. She pulls her bed back and opens the safe. She pulls out the book and opens to the current page. She takes a look at the name next to ‘next victim’.

Sheila Vanderson

Sheila Vanderson is a wonderful mother to her three kids and a wonderful wife to her husband, Jonathan. She is a stay at home mum and she absolutely loves it. Her day consists of dropping her children at school, kissing her husband as he goes to work then heading back home to clean up, cook and prepare for everyone to return later.

Danny has been watching her for the past few months. She knows Sheila’s routine and she has decided that today is the best day to kill. She looks at the clock on her wall and the time reads 8:00am.

“Perfect.” Danny grabs her gloves and puts them on. Then she wears black socks and ballet shoes so no sound will be made as she walks. She stares at herself in the mirror to ensure she is ready.

Gloves, check. Shirt reaching chin, check. No skin is showing apart from her chin up, check. She walks out of her apartment and begins the long walk to Sheila’s house. She has constructed a route for herself that will take her an hour to get to the house but she would not be spotted by any cameras.


Danny arrives at the place right on time. Sheila returned home three minutes ago and right now she is in the kitchen. Danny can see her through the window. She walks to the back door of the house and takes the key that is under the mat to open the door. She opens it as gently as possible as she walks into the laundry room. She walks out and heads for the stairs then makes her way to the bedroom.

That is when she puts her plan into motion. She puts on a black turtleneck and a pair of brown trousers from the husband’s closet. She then puts on a pair of his gloves and begins walking downstairs. With no sound being made, she makes her way to the kitchen. Danny looks at the clock on the wall in the hallway and it reads, 9:45am.

She smiles to herself because everything is going according to plan. She walks into the kitchen and Sheila is backing her.

“Jonathan, have I mentioned how much I love your Fridays?”

Before Sheila knew it, hands were wrapped round her neck and she was being choked. She tries to claw whoever was choking her but to no avail. A few minutes later, Sheila lay dead on the kitchen floor. Danny heads back into the laundry room and drops all the husband’s clothes there. She leaves through the same way she came and a few minutes later, Jonathan comes home.

He always comes back early on Friday and Danny was supposed to be done by the time he gets back. She begins her walk back home because Jonathan will call it in that his wife is dead. She doesn’t want to even be around the area when the police come.

Days later

As Danny sits in her office, her phone rings. She picks it up almost immediately;

“You have a call from the correction centre, do you wish to accept the charges?”

She smiles because she has been waiting for this call.

“Yes, I do.”

“Hello? Miss Daniels?”

“Yes, this is she.”

“Hi, my name is Jonathan Vanderson and I have been accused of the murder of my wife.”


Episode One – The Thrill

Episode One – The Thrill

Danny Daniels takes off her running earphones and heads into the shower. She decided to have a quick run through the park this morning. She takes a quick shower and begins to get dressed for work.

She puts on her black shoes then stares in the mirror at her reflection. She smiles as she prepares to head into the office. She is a lawyer at her own firm, Daniels and Associates. She is the managing partner as she started the company after finishing her law degree. She knew from a very early age that she didn’t want to work for anyone.

She grabs her keys on her desk and heads to the parking lot located on the ground floor. She gets into her black Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet.

car.jpgShe drives her usual twenty minute drive to the office. She gets in to be greeted by the hustle and bustle of her employees. She smiles and pats her hair that’s in a bun and she walks to the elevator. She presses the 3rd button to take her straight to her floor.

“Hello James.”

“Hello Miss Daniels, here is your coffee and you have a new client waiting in the blue conference room.” James, her assistant, takes her bag to place in her office.

“Thanks James.”

She walks to the blue conference room with her coffee in hand. A man in a dark coloured suit sits on the chair with a scared look on his face. She places her coffee on the table and takes a seat.

“Hello Miss Daniels, they tell me you’re the best in the business at getting people who are wrongly accused off, so can you help me?”

“That depends on what you were accused of, mister……?” She takes a sip of her coffee and cocks her head to the side.

“Just call me Stanley.”

“Well, Stanley, I am going to need you to tell me everything you know, not leaving anything out and not lying to me either. The worst thing you can do is lie to me, because if you do, you will surely go to prison.”

“I won’t.”

“Good, so now we can talk.”

Stanley explains the whole situation to Danny. How he is being accused of the murder of a businessman that he had a fight with. He was the last known person to see the man and he has a criminal record for aggravated assault. The man was murdered in the park, no cameras or anything. Stanley claims to have been at home at the time of the murder but he was alone so he has no alibi.

“Thank you for the explanation Stanley. I will get in touch with the prosecutor. Leave your name and number with my assistant, James, on your way out. Don’t leave town and I will get in touch with you.”

“Thank you Miss Daniels.”

Stanley gets up and leaves the conference room. Danny finishes her coffee then heads to her office. James has placed Stanley’s file on her desk. She calls the prosecution and of course, Mr. Matthews picks up the phone. She sighs because she is always against this man with murder cases.

“I knew you would call me sooner or later, Danny. It seems like once there is a murder in town, you are alerted.”

“Nice to speak to you again, John.”

“Please, don’t tell me that you are representing the accused? I’m tired of fighting you.”

“Please don’t say that, I do enjoy our battle in court.”



Stanley and Danny are in court. Stanley dressed in his best attire but scared to bits. Danny has her usual calm demeanour because she knows the outcome already.

“All rise.” The bailiff announces as the judge walks in. They all stand and wait for the judge to sit before they do.

John Matthews stands up first to tell the judge why we should go to trial. He is trying to prove that there is enough evidence to get Stanley charged with the murder.

“Your Honour, this man has a criminal record for aggravated assault which shows that he is capable of violence. He had a disagreement with the Thomas Grendel, the victim, because the victim lost a lot of his money. That would make any man angry. He was the last known person to see the victim and there was a fight before he left. He simply followed him to the park to finish the job.”

The judge turns his attention towards Danny, “Does the defence have anything to say?”

Danny smiles and stands up, “So, my client had an argument with the victim. Visited him at his apartment where they got in a fight. Then my client left and went home, grabbed a knife and went to the park where the victim usually does his runs and then stabs him. So, if i may, where is the murder weapon? No blood dripped from the knife that led to my client’s apartment. Nothing places him at the murder scene. Nothing links him to this murder aside from the fact that he had an argument with the victim earlier on that day. So, why does the prosecution see it fit to prosecute my client? On what grounds? Stanley is trying to integrate back into society. The only motive the prosecution has is that the victim lost a chunk of my client’s money.”

“That sounds like enough motive to me.” The judge responds.

“I understand that Your Honour. Quick question, around what time did the victim die?”

“Between 6 and 7 am. Why?”

“Well, I happen to have a picture of my client at 7:20 am heading to work. His destination places him way too far to have committed the murder and gotten away. So, if I may ask again, on what grounds are you charging my client?”

John’s face looks as shocked as always when Danny pulls something from up her sleeve. The judge asks for the credibility of the footage and Danny lets him know that it was retrieved from an Instagram story of a passer-by. The judge dismisses them as he deliberates on whether it needs to go to trial or not. John stops her outside, “How?”

Danny smiles at his expression, “I do my job, when will you begin to find out that you always accuse the wrong person? I hope you catch the real culprit but please do yourself a favour and drop the charges against my client.”

John takes a deep breath and the annoyed expression on his face is very obvious. For some reason, everyone Danny defends is innocent.

“Consider the charges dropped.”

She smiles sickly at him, “See you soon, John.”

“Hopefully not.” He grumbles as he walks away.

She tells Stanley the good news and he almost hugs her but she has a thing about boundaries. She quickly calls James as Stanley leaves.

“Remember to send our bill to Stanley.”

“Always Miss Daniels, have a good rest of day.”

“You too James, call me if you need anything.”

James knows that after Danny finishes a case, she heads home to unwind. No one knows what she does in her spare time, they just believe that she goes home to maybe have a glass of wine and take a bath.

When she gets home, she goes straight to her bedroom and moves her bed. Behind it is a safe. She punches in the seven digit code and turns the two handles. Inside it is a gun, a knife and a book. She pulls out the book and beside Thomas Grendel she writes sorted.

Then on the next line, she writes ‘NEXT VICTIM’.