How I keep my storyline organized.

Writing a novel is not an easy task because you cannot write everything in a few days. It took me forty-nine weeks to write Hired Fiancée. I dedicated myself to writing a thousand words a week.

The hardest part about the whole thing is keeping your storyline organized. It is not supposed to be too fast or too slow. So, that is what I am going to address today.

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For instance, I may not write anything for some weeks; maybe due to writers’ block or school stuff. This takes you a step back because you have been out of contact with the story.

You don’t want a book that is extremely unrealistic (except that is what you are going for). If not, then you need a method to keep your storyline intact.

I am going to give you a few of my tips on how I accomplish that;

  • Read the previous chapters

This is maybe the most important one because you don’t want to write something that has already happened or something that doesn’t relate to the previous ones. I can read as far as ten chapters back if it would help me get back into the story. It is like understanding your characters all over again. It is like relating to the story all over again. In that moment, read it like a reader and not the writer. As a reader, you know what should happen next. And who knows, you may get a different point of view and write a better story.

  • Make notes of the things that have happened so far

I usually advice for this to be done on a separate page or a piece of paper. Writing with your hand helps you think clearer, well for me it does. But do you, so either on a paper or on a different page on your laptop or whatever you use to write. I bullet point the events that have happened so far and it helps me with what I should do next. My bullet points turn into a diagram because I try all the different options.

  • Watch movies

You may be thinking, ‘why should I watch a movie to help write a book?’ But it helps so much. Think about it like this, in a movie they have an hour and thirty minutes to make a movie seem realistic. Any good movie leaves you feeling satisfied. In that short time, if you didn’t feel like it was rushed or it was too slow then the movie was good. That is how your book should feel even though it can be longer. You don’t want the activities to drag or be too fast. I usually watch movies when I feel like my storyline is slightly disorganised.

Also, please if you have more ways of keeping your story organised then don’t hesitate to share so we can all learn.

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Hired Fiancée Excerpt

Hired Fiancée Excerpt


Watching the guards drag her father away to the prison van, by his dark blue button-down shirt, doesn’t change the look on Betty’s face. She is in a daze, you might say, but as usual, she doesn’t let her emotions show on her face. She keeps nothing but a blank expression plastered on her face.

She stands up and exits the gallery of the court to make her way outside. A little piece of her heart is happy that he is going to prison, but she can’t dwell on that because the fate of the firm is in the balance. Betty knows that she must make her way back to the office as soon as possible. As she passes through the front doors of the court, the wind brushes past her and this makes Betty pull her black trench coat closer.  She couldn’t tell if she was feeling cold or if the events of the day were finally affecting her.

As she drives to the firm, so many things are going through her mind because she has no idea what is going to happen now. There would either be a power grab or an abandonment and, in all honesty, she doesn’t know what’s worse. She grips the leather black steering wheel harder and she bites down on her lip, pain surging through her body. This is strange because it is not physical pain but an emotional one.

She parks her car in the driveway and makes her way inside. She walks through the reception and the panic is real because everyone is moving up and down, taking calls here and there and some are in small circles obviously gossiping about what just happened. Why can’t people just focus on the situation and the task at hand rather than dwelling on gossip? She scoffs as she passes through the chaos that was once a very respectable law firm.

She heads towards the elevator and gets in to make her way to the tenth floor. As the elevator slowly moves up while playing that awful elevator music, thoughts of the possible outcomes swarm her head. Lawyers generally analyse situations and come to a solution which would give the best outcome. Therefore, if she is analysing the situation, then it is wrong of her to think others aren’t doing the same as well. This is also a time when clients could leave because they would find it difficult to trust the firm again.

The elevator dings and she walks out but for some reason, the tenth floor seems to be empty.

Trish, her assistant, walks up to her and by the look on Trish’s face, she knows that it is an abandonment instead of a power struggle.

“They all left and handed everything to you as there was no one else to run it. These are the documents the lawyer left behind for you to sign. He had an urgent errand so he left. He said I should give them to you so that you can look through and of course decide if the terms are fair. As of right now, you are the most experienced lawyer in the firm and you decide whether you want to stay and run it or leave like everyone else.”


Betty opens her eyes and she has this peace in her. I guess you could say it’s from someone else being in the house with her because she hardly sleeps. She looks across to the other couch hoping to see Ryan but is confronted with an empty couch instead. The duvet is folded nicely. She throws hers to the side and rubs the sides of her head because she must get back into the real world. She makes her way to the kitchen but beside the coffee machine, she spots a note.

Hey sleepyhead, I had to run out because my dad called. He says hi by the way and he wants to know when you will come by the house. He misses you.  Anyways, I bought you donuts covered in chocolate because I know how much of a sweet tooth you are and I know you’ve not slept that good in days, but, thanks to my gorgeous presence, you have.  So, go to work and call Ryder to get his business. It’s the only way out of this mess with the company and besides I want you to date someone, anyone for that matter. I don’t care whether it’s fake or real but if he hurts you, I’m going to kill him. I love you, Bee. xx.

She smiles because this man has been looking after her for as long as she can remember. He’s always been there for her even though she can be so stubborn. She starts making a pot of coffee and she opens the bag of donuts.

The smell of the chocolatey goodness fills her nose and she smiles at this because she loves chocolate. She eats all eight of them with two mugs of coffee before she goes to get ready for the day.

She picks up her phone before she heads into the shower and calls Trish. It rings only once before she answers.

I wonder if this girl is always waiting for me to call. The phone only rings once.

Betty tells Trish to call Ryder Williams and set up a meeting. After Betty ends the call, she falls back on her bed and stares at the ceiling. “I can’t believe I am doing this.”


Ryder paces around the office in his penthouse, fretting because he hasn’t gotten Betty to accept the deal.

What am I going to do? I must find a girl or else my dad will take the business away from me.

He sits on the chair and buries his face in his palms as he takes a deep breath. The sound of his phone pulls him out of this state.

“Hello! Am I speaking with Ryder Williams?”

“Yes, you are. Who is this?”  Ryder responds slightly annoyed because he has things to worry about and this person is probably going to waste his time.

“……… in twenty minutes.”

Ryder really needs to work on his listening skills because whenever he is stressed out, he tends to miss important information.

“Sorry, could you please repeat that?”

With slightly veiled irritation, the person responds. “Miss Blanc would like to have lunch with you at Cosmo’s in twenty minutes.”

Ryder doesn’t care about this person’s irritation because finally, Betty wants to have lunch with him. He threw a victory punch in the air and smiled

I have always said no girl can resist me.

He quickly got dressed and drove to the restaurant.

He arrives just in time and meets a lovely little lady at the front desk.

“I have a meeting with Miss Blanc, please.”

The lady looks at him, picks up a menu and starts walking to the table with Ryder following behind. Then she stops and hands him the menu. She points at a booth and says, “Good luck.”

She walks away which leaves him wondering why she said that. Does Betty come here often?

He glances at the booth and Betty isn’t looking his way. He uses this opportunity to really take in her face. Her hair is packed away in a ponytail, giving a full view of her face. Her high cheekbones bring out the dimensions of her face. She just looks so beautiful.

He makes his way towards her and she looks at him with a blank expression while a huge grin sits on his face. It bothers him slightly that she doesn’t smile and his grin falters a little. He composes himself a bit before he speaks because she looks like someone who is ready to tear at whatever is thrown at her.

“So, have you considered my offer?” He asks with as much confidence as he can muster because she has a way of throwing people off balance.

She doesn’t respond to him. Instead, she pulls out some papers from her bag.

“Sign over your business, stating that I am the main lawyer for the firm and you have yourself a deal.”

He looks at the papers and asks for a pen. She passes one to him and he signs the document then passes it back to her. There is an eerie silence between them but luckily a waiter comes by to ask what they would like. They both order lasagne and red wine. This makes Ryder smile because they have similar taste. He opens his mouth to speak so the silence can be broken but Betty beats him to it.

“So, how are we going to make this thing work?”

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