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As the months go by, Betty Blanc is no closer to achieving her aim of restoring the reputation of the business her father so easily ruined. Her career as a lawyer is just getting started but in the worst way possible. She has not yet made a name for herself and the stepping stone she had hoped to use was embroiled in the biggest scandal possible. It’s so obvious she needs a miracle if she’s ever going to survive.
Day after day, she is met with rejections and her frustration mounts. Nothing seems to be working. Is her life going to be one of perpetual rejection and failure? Is she ever going to be free of her father’s faux pas?
Doom seems to be the only reception awaiting her until she gets a mind-blowing offer – a retainership with the famous Ryder Williams in exchange for a fake engagement. Is this the long-awaited miracle?
Ryder Williams offers her his businesses in exchange for a fake engagement, why would she say no?

I was hoping to work through this year’s holiday, but it seemed like the prayers of my family were stronger than my wishes.
Chidera Brown had a good excuse each year her parents called, asking if she was coming home for Christmas. For the past five years, she had been relying on her job and it got her out of the two weeks of constant meddling in her life.

However, when she had her end of year meeting with her boss and received unexpected news, her hopes crumbled and disappeared into the air.

Christmas in Two Words is a cute and cosy story of family reuniting, the first spark of a new relationship and the necessities of Christmas.