Cosy Sundays In

I love love love love the weekend. More than anything. I’m always looking forward to Friday nights to roll into Saturday. And Saturday rolling into Sunday has me bliss. One thing I love about the weekend is how relaxing and cosy Sundays can be. I attend Church online. Light a candle. Do some yoga. Stay…Continue reading »

Simple Self-Care Practices to Add to your Daily Routine

Hey lovelies, Recently, with the move to home working/schooling I have had to add certain things to my daily routine to check on myself. It’s essential to look after yourself, especially if you’re sitting at a desk and staring at a screen for a whole day 🙂 5-10 minute Yoga sessions Okay — probably my…Continue reading »

How to avoid a sagging middle in your novel

You’re getting in to your characters and your story is forming itself by the chapter. You’re now at the middle of your novel and things seem to be dying out. THIS IS THE WORST FEELING. This can happen both to pantsers and plotters so no one is exempted. I’ve recently come upon this issue many…Continue reading »

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