How to pick an occupation for your writing

So, in every story there has to be an occupation. The characters have to be doing something with their lives. They can be in school, college, university, or in an office. It doesn’t matter where they are but what matters is that you want to be able to do justice to whatever you pick.

The key to succeeding in this aspect of your writing is ‘research’. You may be wondering;

“well, I got into the writing business so that I can leave all the stuff I left in school behind”.

I am here to say that what you learned in school applies so much to writing. Today, I am going to show you the best approach to researching the occupation for your characters.

  • Pick a career you know a little about

This is usually my go-to so that the research won’t be so daunting. If you already know a little bit about something, then you have an idea on where to start. For instance, when writing my first book, Hired Fiancee, I picked three main careers. They are medicine, law and CEO. At the time I wrote it, I wanted to be a lawyer and I was going off to university to study law. I had done law at A levels, so I knew where to start.

As for medicine, well it was a supporting career in the book so I didn’t have to go into it as much. I used my knowledge from all the medical programs I watched on TV. So, I had something to start with.

As for being a CEO, I watch a lot of programs and I happened to have been studying economics at the time so I had an idea of where to start from. So, I just had to pick what sort of company the CEO had to run and that’s easier because I had so many things I was interested in at the time. I just picked one of them.

This helped so that the research process wasn’t as daunting.

  • Observe

This is definitely another tip that is very important. Observe people around you, people you see on the street. Just observe everyone and anyone you can. Don’t stare of course but observe. Watch how real people do certain things and it’ll help you to make your characters real.

If you have kids and your setting is in a school then observe your kids in the morning before they leave and in the afternoon when they come back, if you can. I observed certain careers that existed in my family and it gave me an idea of how to write my characters into existence.

  • Ask questions

My mum always told me that if you always ask questions then you would never be lost. Just ask people, very politely about their careers or school.

You will be surprised at how much people will talk to you. Sometimes, people actually want someone to listen to them so kill two birds with one stone. Give someone a listening ear and gain more insight into an occupation to help your writing.

Hope this was really helpful, now go out there and improve your writing.

Till next time. xx


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